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    Triathlon Transitions - TriPath Triathlon Training Resources, Advice and Tips

    The forth discipline known in triathlon, and especially in the shorter distance events can make the difference in getting a podium place or not.

    T1 - First Transition 1 Triathlon Advice and Tips

    ‘You’ve made it out of the swim top stuff’. T1 is usually the longer of the transitions because it involves discarding all of your swim equipment.  The most time consuming being getting your wetsuit off. Also factoring removing your hat and goggles. What can also sometimes be confusing is running just after you’ve swum, from being horizontal then moving fast
    straight into vertical can leave some a tad disorientated, usually help is on hand here from event staff.

    Now on to finding your bike. In some cases this can be tricky especially if you haven’t familiarised yourself with transitions and then finding your bike in big events can prove tricky.

    A good tip is to bring a bright coloured transition towel or bag, and when looking down the rows of bikes this gives you something to look out for.
    After locating your bike, place your swimming gear in a pile being mindful of other athletes. You then need to get yourself bike ready.

    • Place swim gear in your allotted area
    • Put your race belt on - have it buckled up
    • Socks on
    • Bike shoes on (take note some people may have there shoes attached, but this is for the more experienced)
    • Glasses, choice of orange or sun
    • Helmet on and done up

    Once these have been done you are ready to un-rack your bike and get to that mount line.

    T2 - Second Triathlon Transition Triathlon Advice and Tips

    Following your dismount at the mount line you'll need to find the same place where you discarded your swim kit and your trainers should be laid
    out ready to go.

    • Bike shoes off
    • Trainers on
    • Helmet Off
    • Grab pre-checked nutrition
    • Follow the run out sign, which should be clearly labelled and you are off. Marshals along the way may advise you to make sure your race belt is visible from the front, it's good for them to will you on
    • It also helps the photographers get some shots and to establish who you are but more importantly for the crowd to will you on to the finish straight.

    An important must is familiarising yourself with transition, where your bike is, swim in and out, bike out and run out.

    Have any other questions? Get in touch with us at for more information and advice regarding triathlon training.