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    Triathlon Strength & Conditioning - TriPath Training Resources, Advice and Tips

    This is a must and what you will find plastered across the internet is varied suggestions.

    Strength Training Triathlon Training Resources, advice and tips

    Non specific weights
    Specific eg. swim with paddles, Bike on hard gearing, hill runs

    Usually done in the offseason but can be strategically place in between races, this is where you and your coach can agree what the best plan would be with time allocated.

    Strength specific
    Swim would be using paddles to encourage pull strength in the water or over gearing on the bike to simulate hills or running hills. We believe all of these should be tapped into for a specific strength programme strategy ready for race day.

    Conditioning Training Triathlon Training Resources, advice and tips

    Athletes like to adopt regular conditioning and thorough analysis, and
    testing specific exercise programmes can be drawn up to optimise recovery and avoid injury. The coaches usually devise short routines that can carried out at home, in between longer sessions of swim, bike , run and rest.

    These exercises are specific to each athlete and we encourage each athlete to perform these mini programmes 3 times per week, they are specially designed for each athlete by the coaching staff.


    Have any other questions? Get in touch with us at for more information and advice regarding triathlon training.