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    Running Training Resource - TriPath Triathlon Training Aids, Advice and Resources

    All i need is a pair of trainers right? 

    Yes - that’s right, but it does also help if you read these tips below to stay consistent and to avoid any problems along the way.

    Running training is best combined with other activities as part of a cross training strategy, this avoiding overuse injuries, another reason in triathlon to break up pure running is dotting it around bike and swim sessions. What we as coaches over the years have seen is the best path to avoiding set backs in your running training is to invest time on your body as a whole. So knowing what conditioning exercises you should do and how to implement foam rolling and training at the right intensity all play a part in keeping consistent.

    For example a good programme for increasing distance is based in a 10% increase on time per week. Looking at something called TSS, stress on your body is another, combined with monitoring recovery, sleep and eating well. Having the right set of trainers can depend on the event, your experience and if your bodie's foot mechanics are strong. For those seeking PB’s we suggest you get an analysis (gait analysis). Coaches look at frequency, duration, heart rate and set training sessions according to your ability.

    A huge part of running well is having a conditioning plan that you can fit in alongside your training. The conditioning sessions that our partners use is specifically tailored to each individual, but staying on top of your strength training can play a vital role in staying consistent. 

    Have any other questions? Get in touch with us at for more information and advice regarding triathlon training.