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    TriPath - Triathlon Open Water Swimming Training Resources, Tips and Advice

    Open water swimming in a lake can be daunting enough if swimming isn’t your thing.

    Nothing to hold on to when you get tired and nothing to follow. If you're happy enough to submerge your head and consider the sea, there's still plenty of other factors you have to contend with - currents, winds, waves and what lurks beneath prove worrying to many. However it's not all that tough if you put the time in to learn how to swim well.

    TriPath - Lake Swimming Triathlon Training Resource, Tips and Advice

    If you can get a nice day, lake swimming can be beautiful, however it comes down to making sure you get the right conditions and locations. It certainly gives that you the tranquil feeling of being one with nature.

    Now before considering taking this up, if swimming isn’t your strongest suit, we suggest you seek some guidance on your swimming technique - it could make your experience a whole lot more pleasurable. Swimming is a skill and can take time to master. The feel of the water with effortless strokes and optimising efficiency takes time to learn. To train for open water, you will need to consider the right wetsuit along with other training aids, goggles and swim hats.

    If you plan to go swimming on your own, safety gear is a must. Pairing yourself with GPS trackers, so that you can be followed for dry land, is highly recommended. Adventure swimming is something that we don’t hear much of in the UK but it is increasingly growing in popularity, of course more kit is required here.

    TriPath - Sea Swimming Triathlon Training, Tips and Advice

    When sea swimming in open water a spotter is a must - swimming with others is strongly suggested. The conditions will need to be accessed in practice training. During event, organisers will be looking at a host of factors to make sure the event is safe - including clarity, temperature and conditions. In some cases events can change on the day, from non-wetsuit swims to shorter swims and even in some cases, the swim can be absconded altogether - it really is in Mother Nature's hands.

    You can see that open water events when it comes to triathlon is a separate challenge in itself, to us this is a big step in to accessing triathlon events across the world.

    If you are just starting out on your first event, we suggest you look at a pool based event, however if swimming in open spaces doesn’t phase you, then what’s stopping you taking your event selection to the next stage, all you need is the right gear, some advice from the team and you are good to go.

    TriPath - Open Water Swimming Checklist

    • Swimming Coaching
    • Triathlon Coaching
    • Wetsuit selection
    • GPS trackers
    • Goggles
    • Swimming Caps

    Have any other questions? Get in touch with us at for more information and advice regarding triathlon training.