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    Cycle Training - TriPath Training Resources, Advice and Tips

    Cycle training is a big topic with lots of methods, kit and plans. We could write a book.

    Below is a snap shot of considerations depending on what type of rider you are, and weather you are training for an event or training to manage your fitness levels.

    Bike for Triathlon Cycle Training - TriPath Training Resources, Tips and Advice

    Firstly we believe that the right bike needs to be selected depending on what you wanting to use it for. It depends on the event, the riders capabilities, the goals, the time and budget. Cycling is the longest part in triathlon and typically where most gains can be made.

    Getting the right bike is vital and we suggest you go and test ride a few bikes for suitability and comfort before purchasing. Our partners Urban Endurance offer bike fits to make sure the bike is set up correctly. They don’t favour any particular bike as it really is about test riding as many bikes to gauge preference and suitability of intended use.

    For example, some road bikes bolting on bar extensions don’t always work due to the rider's physiology and the bike geometry.  This means that considerations will need to be made when purchasing your bike. Urban Endurance use well renowned Retül technology to provide measurements. You can read more by visiting their site.

    Analysing Your Cycle Training - TriPath Triathlon Training Resources, Advice and Tips

    If you seek improvement and are leading up to an event, measuring training efforts and performance is key. The winter months when it comes to cycle training are difficult times where training aids and coaching advice can help you stay motivated and give you clear numbers to work with. Turbo trainers, cycle computers and coaching are the main products and services to consider once you’ve sorted out your trusty steed.

    Turbo trainers hugely vary on capabilities, if you want a stand alone or whether you want a built-in power metre that can be hooked up to the internet. If you have space at home strongly consider just for the convenience it offers, alongside indoor training from the comfort of your own home. To monitor performance consider a heart rate monitor as the ability to read your speed and cadence on the bike does help vary your training sessions. 

    If you do decide on getting a coach this is where analysing data will come in handy and a good coach can look at your numbers through a series of workouts or tests to make sure you are training in the right zone. Further from that, select the right programme for you, whether it's strength sets, sweet spots or threshold sets. This is where science paired with the coach and the rider's commitment all play a part in unlocking true potential.  If you are just starting out this might all be a bit much. It boils down to your event goals and how much you want it, what you're willing to do and how deep you want to go into your training to tap into the best you can be.

    Cycle Training Checklist - TriPath Triathlon Resources, Advice and Tips

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    Retül Bike Fit

    Tripath have team with Urban Endurance to provide Retul Bike Fitting

    Combining state-of-the-art technology with expert movement analysis to manage our fantastic bike fitting experience.
    All bodies are different, and your riding position should be tailored to suit your goals - from time trials and triathlons to commuting.


    No matter your level of riding, comfort is crucial for sustaining time spent on the bike.

    Injury prevention

    The correct position keeps your body aligned on the bike, helping to prevent injuries.


    An optimal position not only increases comfort—it maximizes both power and endurance.

    Why do I need a bike fit?

    Achieving an optimal fit on your bike will maximise comfort, control and efficiency - not to mention enjoyment in the saddle.

    Traditional tools of the trade, such as tape measure and plumb bobs, do have their uses. But they aren't capable of capturing dynamic measurements whilst the rider is pedaling. That's why we use the state-of-the-art Retül bike fit system.

    How does it work?

    Infra-red LEDs are placed in specific locations on the rider's body, and a 3D scanner is used to measure each of these LEDs 18 times a second. This allows us to collect rapid streams of information about a rider's position and movement whilst riding under load.

    The Retül software saves the data it records for every rider and their bicycle. At the end of your Retül session you will receive a report of your final fit data, including body measurements and angles, as well as a bike set-up.

    How do I book a bike fit?

    Please contact and we will contact you to discuss what to bring to your session - bike, cycling clothing, shoes and anything else applicable. On average, bike fits take between 90 to 120 minutes.


    Have any other questions? Get in touch with us at for more information and advice regarding triathlon training.